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TOP TIP: Value Your Staff - Change for them ALSO has challenges

TOP TIP: Value Your Staff - Change for them ALSO has challenges

Change is inevitable, however it’s best to be well structured and organized. Recently a friend was relocated for the second time in five months and will again, when new premises are completed. New systems misplaced equipment; lost resources and extra traveling have increased the stress levels of staff, customers and their families.

Staff resignations have begun as discontent arises in the ranks. The value of the staff and customers to the business has been taken for granted and undervalued. Management still operates in the old style, where ‘do as I say’ is still the norm. Employees today won’t tolerate that. So value your staff, it’s an old saying but it’s true- people are the most important part of your business…. ask them what makes them feel valued, especially if you want them to stay working for you. It might be something as simple as food vouchers, which I know a top team in
New Zealand, get given as a weekly bonus.

TOP TIP - Value those “Real magical Moments” in life!

You will find these instances in your life at work and play, anytime, anywhere. Recently I watched from my kitchen window as my teenage daughter wandered around my backyard in the drizzle, carrying an empty sack. She was collecting leaves from under my big old plum tree, twigs and other items of nature scattered around the backyard. Essential items for her seventh form art project. I recalled back to my days as a Playcentre parent when we’d often done this together and the pleasure I’d had teaching her about life. Fifteen years on, it was a ‘real magical moment’ to watch her as a teenager; oblivious to the rain, lost in her world of creativity. People like her are the
creators of the movies, advertisements and new inventions in our future. Rain or no rain we need to let them expressive their creativity. As I watched, it was wonderful to call out “I LOVE YOU” through the kitchen window and her look up and acknowledge it.

So look for these ‘real moments’ in life, that makes each day magical…and store them in your box of memories. It’s so easy to let them slip before you – and life would be dull without them.

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