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Take Time for What Thrills You

Take Time for What Thrills You

Some events in life you remember because of certain events you were involved with at the time. I’ll always remember the first time New Zealand won the America’s Cup. It was the year I was tramping the Waikaremoana Track in 1995 the regatta was in San Diego and the Team New Zealand boys were sailing on Black Magic.

Embarking on the tramp, the group of adventurous business people all wore red socks to support our overseas sailors. Because of our location we assumed cell phones coverage would be minimal. Consequently, as staunch kiwis and fans of sailing we thought we’d miss hearing the results. However, little did we realise how wrong we were.

For those of you who are ardent tampers and have walked the track, you may know there’s an easy way to tramp the track. You walk the flat section of the track when you’re carrying your full heavy pack. The more challenging way is to clamber up the mountainous terrain, through the native bushes along forest paths and up the steps to
reach the summit, which is more difficult with full packs. Because of the pending rain, which was forecast in the next few days, which would block our lake views, our male leaders decided to tramp to the summit first. No doubt easy for big backs and heavy packs but not so great for small backs and heavy packs. However, thank fully we did, because as we clambered up the hills, we were met by a group of enthusiastic Japanese students, who greeted us with, ‘we won, we won’!

Who??? We wondered, “Us” of course, they chanted.

After hearing that wonderful news or a teams dream coming true, the remainder of the climb to the first summit had me dreaming my next dream. I decided me, a working single mum, with two children to support would be involved in the regatta when it came to New Zealand in 2000. I didn’t know how, but I had five years to organise it….and eventually I did. Five years of dreaming about being involved with something that thrills me and eventually it was as easy as a phone call.

That’s what life is about. Enjoying the things that thrill you and your passions and gives you the extra ‘buzz’ in life.

We grow great by dreams. All men (and women) are dreamers. They see things in the soft haze of a spring day or in the red fire of a long winters’ evening. Some of us let your dreams die, but others nourish and protect them, nurse them through bad days till they bring them to sunshine and light. - Woodrow Wilson

Taking time to enjoy the things you enjoy in life, can take some commitment. Recently we saw our New Zealand athletes competing at the Olympic games. We’ve read articles and heard the televisions interviews when they’ve talked about their commitment to their sport. Years of hard work. Some athletes have been on the brink of leaving the sport, but then with encouragement and dedication by family members and coaches they’ve been able to overcome their negative times and continue.

It’s exactly the same with you when you have challenging times if you’re working towards a goal. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be a sports goal. Those positive thoughts that I mentioned in the previous articles, titled ‘Thoughts need Tenderness and time in Training’ refers to some of the changes you need to do with your thinking. If you’re not sure what your passions are or what you really enjoy follow these steps.

  • Step 1
    Recall your past and remember the things you enjoyed doing. Make a list. You may always wanted to play golf, but the opportunity never arose. Include things that have interested you. I heard a story about a seventy year old grandmother who did her first skydive. Start a vegetable garden. Join a local tramping or walking club.
  • Step 2
    Once you’ve found something you’d like to try, find information about it, through citizen advice bureaus, local papers, community schools, internet, clubs, or ask people. Alternatively you can start your own group in a new activity.
  • Step 3
    Attend a club as a guest. If you’re shy, try to speak to the president, secretary, or someone before attending. Then you’ve got someone to ask for when you arrive for the first time. Introduce yourself to other people. Ask if you can join them and tell them you’re a newcomer.
  • Step 4
    If you’re trying a new activity be aware that there’s three learning stages. Remember when you learnt how to drive a car…or a computer.
    • Stage One - Everything is unfamiliar and you think you’ll never master this.
    • Stage Two - Your new skill is becoming easier. You’re thinking, there’s a chance you might be able to master this.
    • Stage Three - You’ve mastered it and you know do it automatically.

It’s like when you start to drive a car, you get in, fasten your seat belt, turn on the key, put it in gear, check the rear vision mirrors and then start to move forward. When seat belts were first introduced into New Zealand that was a learning curve for many people. Most people had driven for years and it took many months and even longer to integrate this new habit into their lives.

Another important factor to remember when you take time to enjoy what thrills you, it’s doing something for you and it’s your ‘make you beautiful time’. Of course it’s also a great boost for your self-esteem when you master something new.

But that’s what life is about…trying something new. Unfortunately statistics show the number of people involved in sports is down. People spend more time at home, watching television and DVD’s and becoming less active. It’s affects all walks of life and ages, so people need to make a ‘real effort’ to get physically active again. The statistics for obesity in our New Zealand children is reaching a critical point and as lifestyle changes occur, people need to adapt accordingly. A day on the computer is great for work productivity but lousy for the waistline.

With spring here, the pussy willow, blossom, kowhai and buds are peeping out of the dormant branches. You need to indulge yourself in enjoying these special moments when you walk with nature, smell the grasses, trees and damp air and enjoy your ‘make me beautiful’ times. Make a conscious effort to release those challenges and
meditate as you walk, free your mind, “be in the moment” and allow your mind to relish in the delight of being alive. It’s great for the mind, body and soul. Fulfil those, and you’ve led a fulfilling life.

So I continue to prepare myself for my Milford Track Tramp, which is some years away, I will put on my muddy walking shoes and embark on my crisp morning walk, heading out to enjoy the bird song and early morning dew dripping of the branches. Enjoy YOURS!

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