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ATTITUDE - This is the second article in the ATTITUDE series. Access the first article: Advance and Aim for an AWESOME Life


One of the many benefits of walking is it gives you time to think. Time to unsramble your thoughts and get them into a positive cohesive fashion. Our brain thinks between 30,000 and 40,000 thoughts per day. If you want a positive life, you need to ensure that most of those thoughts are POSITIVE. I have postcard I give out which quotes:

Past, Present, Future……every second you have a choice….Make it Positive!
And you do have a choice….another quote I like to use is A positive attitude is the right attitude.

An alternative time to unscramble your thoughts is dishes time. It’s not as enjoyable or positive, but as I decided what to write in this article, that’s where I spent a few moments clarifying my thoughts. And that’s what we have to do in life…..allow our mind to ‘chillout’ and get our thinking and attitude constructive. Focus our Attention on our

There’s oodles of negativity in the world that it’s easy to have your thinking, influenced by it. However, you have a choice whether you allow yourself to be influenced by this pessimistic outlook on life or not.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve missed my morning walk along the Creek behind UNITEC in Auckland. I’ve been on one of my dream holidays.

However, today as I walked along the track, I watched amused by the antics of four ducks as they ‘flowed’ down creek. The two males were at the front, followed by the female ducks. Approaching the rapids, the male ducks sped up and glided through, only to stop at a rock and send a couple of quacks back to the females following them. The females weren’t quite so adventurous and siddled over to a more gentle route, before jumping up
the bank and then flying up to me. The male ducks didn’t like this and followed, quacking and landing right behind them. Not pleased with the intrusion, one of the females immediately bit his tail feathers, before chasing him as he waddled away.

It’s like that with your thoughts and actions. Sometimes you’ll allow yourself to be led and you follow. Other times you have our own ideas about what you want to do.

When you’re retraining your thoughts you need to be gentle on yourself. For years I’ve struggled with maintaining a positive lifestyle as I juggled with the striving to ‘get ahead’ and become a success in my own life. One of best books I have read and always recommend is Feel the Fear and Do IT Anyway, by Susan Jefferies. She writes about Choice A and Choice B and the consequences of each. It’s like when you’re including exercise into your regular routine. Choice A is you feel great and allow yourself that “make me beautiful” time I wrote about in my last article. Choice B is you remain feeling unpositive, negative and unhappy.

Changing your thoughts to positive isn’t an easy task. It’s something you need to constantly work at. I’ve found a great book which I subscribe to, called the DailyWord.

Everyday I have a quote to programme my thoughts to positive. I carry this book in my handbag and my teenage children scoff, saying there’s nutty mum, onto the positive stuff again. Helen Keller quotes; Life is either a daring Adventure – or Not???? So if like me you’re living on the edge, taking risks, overcoming challenges, making lifestyle changes, you may need a constant reminder to keep positive.

When you’re reprogramming your thinking, you need to release the past. It’s gone, you can’t change any of your actions, so forgive yourself and others if you need to and begin to move forward. When you’ve decided to aim for a goal to improve your health, you need to focus on creating it. John Kehoe in his book Mind powers says it’s a two
pronged attack. First create your goal in your mind and see yourself achieving it.

Secondly, you set out to physically achieve what your mind has created.

Affirmations can assist you with this. When you re-write your goals as affirmation you are focusing your ATTENTION on a creative thought. And you have the INTENTION of welcoming into your life the circumstances you want. Turning your Goals into affirmations has Three Steps.

  • Step One
    Write down your Goal
    e.g. ‘I want to be fit and positive.

  • Step Two

    ‘I am fit & positive.. I do whatever it takes to achieve my goals. I create what I want today. I am a do it now person!’

  • Step Three
    Check it out. Make sure your words are clear, direct, and positive. Write only in the PREESENT TENSE.
    Make sure you have written down exactly what is it you want attract through the power of your mind. Every goal begins with a thought. And every time you think that thought positively you take another step closer to achieving your goal.

“Affirmations are not a mental process to change things or manipulate circumstances but rather a matter of vacuuming aware of what I can attract into my life by opening my mind to the possibilities!”

- Beating the Monday Blues – How to Inspire Yourself – Clive A Litten

Changing you thoughts takes time and practise…..and you need to be gentle on yourself! Instead of thinking I don’t want to exercise and it’s too cold outdoors to do some ‘make me beautiful’ time…think NO…. I don’t want to think that thought and change it to your affirmation.

Sometimes when you’re changing your thoughts, it’s not from negative to positive, it’s about Choice A or Choice B which I mentioned above. On my Fiji cruise, which had been on my wish list for years I’d daydreamed of what I’d be doing. Lazing in the sun with a pina colada…( it took me 50 years to have one) dancing in the moonlight (like on Titanic) watching the sunset over the Fijian mountains, and being wined and dined and spoilt (no housework or cooking meals) as well as swimming and snorkelling in the warm Fijian seas. A week prior to departure my partner had his leg put in plaster. Consequently this changed some of my ‘ideas’ about my dream holiday. It took some mental agility to get my thoughts positive again.

Also, we were invited to watch the sunrise from a mountain top on one of the Yasawa islands in Fiji. In the past, a 5.30am wake-up call to partake in this type of morning adventure walk would have been a breeze. I’m not saying it was ‘old’ age, but as ‘relaxation’ and ‘rest’ was the reason for the holiday I didn’t go. Also, I hadn’t taken any
walking shoes because my partner was on crutches. Again it was Choice A or Choice B. I love sunrises, adventures but just this time, it wasn’t on my agenda. Like the ducks on my early morning walk, I’d had to ‘go with the flow’ of life. Some of my dream holiday changed a bit and the sunrise adventure didn’t happen. However, my thoughts have changed to Choice B and I’ll book another cruise in the future.

It’s the same with you….Choice A or Choice B and when you’re changing to a positive lifestyle. You’re learning a new skill, visualise yourself living healthily and then put it into action. If you don’t the only person you’re cheating is yourself. So as Nike says: Just do it! And what better role model do we have, but the hero himself Jonah Lomu. If
any man is living that philosophy he is…and so can you!

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