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Spring Clean Your Life

In ancient times (when our mothers were kids) the beginning of spring heralded a time where annually, the curtains were cleaned, windows washed and the house was given a thorough clean.

Nowadays our lives are different and we need to spring clean our life, one area at a time. With yourself, your health, your relationships, career and finances to monitor its’ imperative we get organised. We do, but we don’t do it enough!

Many years ago when I worked, ran a home, family and was a single mum my energy was low. I was eating healthy food but I decided it was time for a change as I should be feeling great and wasn’t. I discovered two things, one I was a ‘doer’ in life and secondly I was eating foods my body was allergic to. So now, I mostly eat wheat and potato free foods, replacing my diet with rice, corn and kumara as well as other foods I have changed in my diet. It’s great, the huge difference it’s made to my energy levels.

I also discovered I was missing out on many nutrients so added the minerals and vitamins that my body needed. And I need to take time out to rest, something as a ‘doer’ I still am challenged with

With my stress levels rocketing last year during the recession, I decided I needed to make some more changes to my health again. I was walking but not enough and I was not the vision of the lady who I wanted to be.

You see, my goal many years ago was to be a lady slim, trim and healthy, running a successful business educating people to become their best, with my lovely partner, family and friends around,  creating my heaven on earth, travelling and cruising the world. She had got lost and so I needed to create that person again..

Every year I have on my goals about getting healthier. This year I definitely needed to take some action. I rejoined the gym (even ended up being a pin-up girl at 55 years young in their magazine), have drank less alcohol, revisited my vitamins and foods, drinking more water but also revisited some new interesting healthy options.

As I grow in wisdom, my new healthy goal is to ensure I have soul, mind, and body alignment. To be the happiest and most fulfilled in life and feel great about myself, I have finally fully aligned to my life purpose. This has meant many more hours soul searching, overcoming my fear and having more faith and trust in myself as I stand on the edge and daily move forward in life constantly fine-tuning myself aligning to life purpose.

I’ve revisited a kinesiologist, a chiropractor, had more contact with Unity for my spiritual health and continue to engage in activities to look after myself and boost my self esteem so I can live my dream life. As a motivational speaker, business trainer and success coach, I provide free courses, other products, workshops and speak at conferences about becoming our best. It was a hard lesson as I needed to reread my own books, but the recession kicked me back on track. Now if I rate the six areas of my life (me, health, relationships, career, prosperity, community) out of ten, I’ve moved back from rating myself as a seven, back to ten out of ten. As my mother reminds me and I pass on to you – as long as you do our best this second, what do you need to learn to do improve in the next second of your life?

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