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60 Tips having for a Positive Attitude in New Zealand

60 Tips having for a Positive Attitude in New Zealand

  1. Appreciate that New Zealand is a fantastic country
  2. You can breath fresh air and smell the bush, farm and sea smells
  3. You can make the first footprints in the sand on the beach
  4. You can still catch fish in our seas and rivers
  5. The stars glisten brightly in the atmosphere at night
  6. Opportunity if rife if you look for it
  7. Our grass is greener than other overseas countries
  8. People are friendly, you can walk down the street and say hello
  9. You live in a country of leaders – you might be one in disguise
  10. Use your potential and keep learning and developing to mould the person you are now, to the great person you can become in the future
  11. Join your local library and read and learn about other winners
  12. Ask for help, it’s only a few words away
  13. Value your health…eat healthy food because you’ve only got one body
  14. Discover your passions and dreams from your right brained creative thinking (your first thought) – they provide the ‘magic’ in your life
  15. Use your left analytical side of your brain to plan how to experience, enjoy and achieve them
  16. Discover your spirituality – wherever it is…church, beach, bush, mosque
  17. Cherish yourself – you are with you from the beginning to the end
  18. Take to time to write, list or draw pictures of your goals.
  19. Visualise achieving your goals and take some action every day, no matter how small towards achieving them
  20. Be prepared to make sacrifices to achieve your goal
  21. Listen only to the positive people around you
  22. Use “I” think and “I” feel statements and express yourself – no one can say your opinions are wrong – they are yours, but remember respect theres as well
  23. Take risks, use bright colours – life is boring without them
  24. Have fun and laugh – it’s a stress release and good for your health
  25. Make jokes about yourself not others – we all do silly things
  26. Be willing to change if it doesn’t feel right – your intuition and gut reactions have been given to your for a reason – they’re an untapped internal resource
  27. Sing in the shower and stimulate your thoughts towards success
  28. Constantly reassess your steps towards achieving your goal – stop zigzagging in life and change direction if you get off track
  29. Don’t sweat the small stuff – it’s pointless, instead look for a solution
  30. Value your staff - change for them also has challenges
  31. Enjoy your pay packet – it helps you achieve your dreams
  32. Turn off the television and go outside for a walk
  33. Say hello to your neighbours and help other people and the community
  34. Smile – even if you don’t feel it, eventually your feelings will change
  35. Overcoming Fear – it didn’t stop you from learning to walk
  36. Talk and play with children and other people
  37. Get organised in your life, with your health, your finances your relationships
  38. Love people around you….they’ll love you back
  39. Smile and wave to strangers, make their day and give them get a lovely surprise
  40. Value our elderly people – they’ve overcome more challenges than we will ever face
  41. Have confidence – walk tall, stand straight, wear your best clothes
  42. Spend 45% of your time listening – that’s why you’ve two ears and one mouth
  43. Attend assertive communication courses and learn about confident communication
  44. Use your manners and say Hello and Thank You and be polite
  45. Be Interactive –Make appointments, approach new clients and people
  46. Join social, hobby or evening clubs and groups
  47. Be Victorious - acknowledge that you’ve achieved something and reward your successes for completing a task
  48. Try different foods, sauces, drinks and recipes
  49. Praise others and give compliments – it makes you feel good as well
  50. Be an Enthusiast about living – Find the ‘it’s great to be alive’ feeling
  51. Make yourself busy if you’re feeling negative - it changes your energy
  52. Appreciate nature –examine flowers and trees and take time to smell the roses
  53. Watch some plants grow or better still plant your own
  54. Think positive thoughts – statistics prove it helps you live longer
  55. Reduce your stress levels by taking time to breathe properly, count to ten and chill out
  56. Search for solutions to your challenges…they’re the keys to you living a great life
  57. Find your vitality in life from within - you’ve got it, but it’s up to you to discover it
  58. Enjoy your free will when making decisions, some people in other countries don’t have that luxury
  59. Don’t sweat the small stuff and never, ever give up!
  60. My Attitude postcard reads: Past, Present, Future, Every second you have a choice. Choose Positive and be your own Success Story. It’s true; you can only think one thought at a time. Make it a positive one
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