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Passionate GOALS are not for the Fainthearted!!

Passionate GOALS are not for the Fainthearted!!

You’ve not set any??? There’s still time!!!

So you want to be a success…that’s fantastic! You’re ready to make a ‘real effort’ to contributing to your future life. This time it’s not wishy washy and living a life that’s not your hearts desire. You’re ready to make a real commitment to living a life of Fun, Enthusiasm and Passion!

It’s not too late to start for this year. Many people missed the opportunity to commit to plausible goals each year. Time just passed them by. We hear people say ‘ it’s March already, daylight saving is here, soon it will be winter……..where has the first few months of this year and summer gone’!?
f you’ve been living a life of Fun, Enthusiasm and Passion, you could well have been enjoying a fulfilled enriching life that you’ve not had time to think how quickly the year is passing. Instead you’re busy…. living!
f you’ve lived a life of boredom, burn out, drudgery and passionless…….and you’ve not enjoyed it while it’s been summer, think about how you’ll survive those wet, wintry days, in your present state of thinking. BUT WAIT – It’s not too late!!

The next year is (1 to 12 months away) to begin! So set yourself goals for the rest of this year instead!

Honor yourself and spend time searching for your passion and values…. what’s important, what you desire from life. The challenge here is, it’s often hard to answer these questions.

However, if you’ve found time has slipped by while you’ve been engrossed in an activity, sport, a business deal, cooking, or a hobby, think back, it was probably because you were really enjoying yourself. So much so, that you could spend every day doing something similar or even the same.

Still having a challenge, then think about what you couldn’t live your life gardening, sailing, stamp collecting. These are things you can start to list as activities you are passionate about in your life. You may well have been taking it for granted and not given yourself the opportunity to think about it. But now you note that these activities help ensure you live a life of Fun, Enthusiasm and Passion……when you’re setting goals, ensure they’re listed as regular activities.

Research five or six different areas of your life and start setting some passionate goals for your future. Soul, mind and body alignment is the ‘sure’ ways to living with Fun, Enthusiasm and Passion. That’s when you’re starting to align your life to your values and goals.

Hey, it’s not easy and it will take some commitment on your behalf. Along the journey it’s sensible to only make a few changes and integrate them into your life, before taking on the next goal.

Soul, mind, body, values alignment, means you’re constantly being a change-agent. YOUR OWN!

Thinking about your life, you decide everything is OK, except for your health. With new law changes it’s imperative if you’re an employer to ensure that staff have a reasonably balanced outlook to living and life, and whilst on your premises the stress levels are reduced as much as possible. You’re not magicians, but expected to be one at times, so understanding about health issues when setting your own or employees goals regarding health is a must.

Of course it’s easy to say all this but how practical is it to implement it into our lives. Quite easy, if you have the skills and know how. They are quite easy to source. The biggest challenge many people have is letting go of the old (even though it doesn’t serve you) and implementing the new, and welcoming it with open arms.

But the past doesn’t want to let you go. People keep wanting to play mind games with you, want you to keep looking after them, say you’ll never achieve anything new, say you haven’t’ got the courage or time. Well, if that’s what you beli eve that’s what you’ll do, but if you think otherwise, so it will be as well.

Success comes in cans, not cannots, is an oldie but goodie quote. AND it’s absolutely correct!

If you think you can- you’re right, if you think you can’t – you’re right as well, is exactly the same… it’s an oldie but goodie quote AND it’s absolutely correct!

Learning the process of change, communication, delegation, parent, adult/child relationships, stress management, hypnosis, syncronisity, coincidences, problem solving, conflict, leadership, and more, are all process and strategies that will ensure you’re on the road to your success.

This isn’t a rehearsal, it is the real thing, life is for living, so why not live it with Fun, Enthusiasm and Passion…. in both your busine ss and personal life. IT’S POSSIBLE AND IT’S IN YOUR HANDS!

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