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Acceptance Mark




Our biggest handicap is ourselves. How many times in the past have you blamed others…when in fact you, me, ourselves are the cause of our dilemma. It’s our past thoughts that have put us where we are in this
present situation good or bad and only our present and forthcoming thoughts that will determine our future outcome.

Three empowering and sobering experiences have once again jolted me into realising how lucky, wonderful, all empowering it is to be living the present.

In 1692, is a now famous saying titled Desiderata was found in Baltimore in Old Saint Paul’s Church. It has wonderful words of wisdom that are applicable still today. Two phrases:

If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain & bitter:
for always there will be greater & lesser persons that yourself…

Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans……
.With all its sham, drudgery & broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.
Be careful. Strive to be happy.

The ‘aha’ for me was when I once again realised the power of understanding me…and fully accepted that my choices were made because of my personality and me. (A shame really when it’s much easier to blame others….but as a responsible adult – we can't).

Understanding your personality is a wonderful asset and a huge bonus when doing your personal S.W.OT. Analysis. Check out this very brief overview below.

Using the DISC Style factors,

D you’re into managing people, CEO, Team Leader and achieving results.

I you’re into being with people and like to be in sales and creative career choices

S you’re likely to be employed in a caring profession, nurse, counsellor, teacher

C you’re likely to be organising people’s systems eg. Accountant, data entry

Just looking at a snippet of these personalities, in the decision making area, if you’re a D or C, most of your major past decisions have been made on logic.

If you’re an I or S, your’s have been made on emotion.

So what you might say?
As a businessperson, (D&C) you’re into a career where making money and compliance is of major importance and you hope you enjoy it.

Money first, emotion second.

The others, (I&S) creating & feel good factor, is more important and the dollars will hopefully follow. Emotion first, money second.

Notice the reverse. It's the same in other areas of your life. You purchase a home because it feels right, purchased on emotion. Or it’s a sound investment and suits your requirements, purchased on logic.

Now all of this might seem a bit irrelevant…but understanding yourself means that you’ve also got an understanding of others around you.

Colleagues, employees, partners and your children. The next step with this knowledge is how to use it.

This is where ridding the negativity from your mind comes in. The understanding means, no more beating yourself up because you’re not doing something which your boss, partner, brother, parent does. You are
you and they are they. But, this is not a scapegoat excuse, just understanding, changing your thinking and accepting.

You’re new knowledge about your personality (and remember this is only a snippet) has found your strengths. But it doesn’t let you off the hook. It means you just understand more about you and next you need to learn
about your weaknesses.

Why, you might say?
You’re dreams are what you are aiming for in life, so you set your goals as stepping stones towards achieving your dreams.

An example is happening here in New Zealand. Our entrepreneurs …..
Right-brained creative thinkers are high ‘I’ personalities. The Lord o f the Rings Trilogy was created but such a creative thinker. However, to complete the dream the high ‘C’ people were needed with their technical
precision skills, to create the fantastic creative effects.

Both right brain and left brained thinking created the end goal.

Additionally, another reason this self-knowledge is beneficial to you, is rather than getting upset because someone is wanting a different result from you, it means now you understand that’s WHO they are…that’s
WHAT they do…that’s HOW they react and make decisions. They may belong to a different personality group and therefore have a different role that you, especially in your work situation.

Hence, the outcome for me was a realisation that past decisions have been mainly based on emotion and for my dreams to succeed; future decisions with more logic will be needed. There’s a saying that the older you get.
The wiser one becomes…I’m glad I really haven’t had to wait until I’m 156 years old. How about you? Grasp this knowledge now.

Returning and learning from the three empowering sobering experiences.

Recently I heard a South African speak about Engaging your Audience Emotionally. As a dyslexic he was a school drop out. Self-knowledge self-acceptance, self-mastery and the most difficult, to be himself has led
him to his career to teach self-mastery.

The second man was also a school dropout and dyslexic. His message is the beauty and connection between geometry and nature. His love and passion for his art has pushed him on his journey of self-knowledge,
acceptance and to be himself through teaching the beauty in nature.

The third person showed us a video on sports competitions of people with disabilities. He empowers these people to become achievers by teaching self-esteem and respect.

All of these people are being themselves, have overcome challenges, are following their passions and are helping others.

So what’s your present challenge? Understanding yourself, ridding your mind of negativity and learning to be you and achieve your dreams will be your greatest challenge.

As you learn and overcome one challenge, and another will come your way. That’s life! Each time you raise yourself to another level of success.

No matter what, it means your talents are serving and helping others.

You, make this world a better place for all to live in with your business and personal successes. Learn quickly, set your goals for 2004, the world is waiting for your next success!.

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