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How to beat the motorway jams!! ...Put YOUR priorities first

How to beat the motorway jams!! …..Put YOUR priorities first

In this case children & dreams became the winners!!
Two office re-locations in five months, the present one being into the central city, with one more to come in four to seven months time, contending with the morning traffic, disruptions to family life, additional stress, re-occurring health problems, were the strategic indicators that pushed a single mum into following her dream.

Always on her ‘to do’ was self-employment and following her life’s dreams.
After feeling undervalued, every night becoming a sleepless nights and two wasted hours per day in the Auckland traffic, both of which were beginning to affect her health, she resigned from her job of five years.

Whereas once her job and suburban location, had suited her family situation of being available for her children, transport them to and from school with heavy bags, deliver to after school sports and jobs, the new city location proved unsatisfactory.

Society dams us if we’re not there for our kids, and then blames us mothers in the future, for societies downfall, says Janice. Then there’s often limited regard for the juggling role single mothers and other parents have.
Sometimes it’s hard to win and the juggling becomes unpositive, then you need to re-evaluate your life, she says. Hence the new business, which almost began two years ago, was once again a top priority..and so were her dreams.

Those are working on her computer in a secluded bay in the Hauraki Gulf, or anywhere in the world, or writing in front of the fire on a rainy winters Days. Then she says, she doesn’t have to worry about the accidents and hold-ups on Aucklands roadways….but at least she’s able to juggle the role of mother and sole breadwinner for her family.

As a life success coach, it’s possible says Janice. It’s taken courage and tenacity, along with a belief in oneself to make this move. Not an overnight move, something that has been in the planning for some years, a change for the worse prompted the move earlier, than first anticipated.

Self-esteem, effective communication, integrity and knowing one’s dreams is where Janice can now help others….those that want – to beat the Auckland Traffic Blues. Everything is possible she says – depending on how much effort people are willing to put into it.

The traffic isn’t going to get better for years, no use grumbling about it she says, live with it or learn to live without it. Janice is a Success Coach Professional Speaker,Trainer and author and has two audio-cassettes,all focusing
on becoming a winner in your own life.

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