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Heart Power - Motivating Salespeople From The Heart

Let’s face it, most salespeople think they go to work for their pay packet. The bigger their salary and higher their commissions the happier they are….and so is the boss with increased sales.

However, happiness is intrinsic and what the heart desires, the head has to provide methods and systems to assist in creating those dreams.

Recently I attended a sales course with Sales Star and was reminded that most purchase decisions are based on emotion. Then, they are supported by logic to rationalize and justify the process. If a company is in pain, find the pain and offer a solution which is their “buy in” as you provide a method to fix their need.

It is the same with your sales staff. Whereas the pay packet is fantastic, include some emotion in the motivation process and you not only tap into their needs, you elevate their hearts desires by focusing on fulfilling their dreams. Sales people are from the personality group who make decisions based on emotion so this motivation works best for them.

3 Tip s For Creating A Motivated Sales Team

  1. Improve their attitude.
    Understand the traits of negative and positive attitude and provide tools to keep their ‘thinking’ and attitude positive.

  2. Create a confident team by boosting their self belief or esteem.
    A sales person who lacks confidence will not ask for the sale or up-sell. To help create a confident sales person, consider offering them the opportunity to attend Toastmasters, where they will not only learn how to increase their communication technique, they will also boost their self esteem.

  3. Uncover your sales team members’ personal 2009 goals.
    Support their desires and dreams when goal setting and tap into their emotional needs to motivate them.
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