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Winning over Adversity creates New career Opportunities and a New way of thinking

Mothers have the habit of putting their kids first.

Leaving an unhappy marriage because my children would grow up with a positive happy environment as compared to a negative unhappy environment, was the reason I walked out.

As a role model, it was important for me to teach them become themselves and positive contributing members in society.

It was the worst day of my life applying for government assistance.

Thankfully someone had the foresight years before to introduce this into New Zealand. In an emergency, it’s great to know that we are helped when we need it. And it was gratefully accepted. When the children were young and many external challenges were being faced due to the marriage breakup, it was great to be home
looking after my children.

Playcentre was also my salvation, teaching me knowledge and parenting skills that I treasure still today. Communication, leadership and many more courses I attended. Later I became the leader myself. These same courses that I lead during those years as a tutor, have returned to me with the same messages to teach people in business.

The key is to grow beyond dependency to independence. So it was a great day and feeling when finally I was able to fully support my children and myself. With a minuscule amount of assistance from the other parent, it always has been and continues to be a financial challenge to ‘survive’. Every new step is a step in the
journey of life and once again move up the next rung of the ladder, change to become the person I need to be to achieve my next goal and progress forward in life.

Having the view those adversity breeds inner strength from the challenges we’ve overcome has led to a new motivating career. In the process of facing challenges an enormous amount of personal growth occurs. It was during time that the knowledge of ‘inner calling’ ‘personal gifts and talents’ ‘reason for existence on earth’, sewed the seed that there’s a bigger role for me to play in life. This knowledge has led to the creation of a dream and the constant ‘working’ towards it that has spurned me forward to my new career.

Whenever I’ve felt the need to overcome the next major hurdle, the appropriate person or course would ‘pop’ into my life and I would discover the answer. That old saying “the teacher arrives when the student is ready”, it’s true! One such occasion was after attending a John Kehoe course. While I was putting the rubbish out one morning, the words vibrated through my head – sell the family home and buy a home and income. I had never ever thought as that as the answer I was looking for, but it was perfect!

When buying the next home and income property, another person and I put in the exact offer and had the same financing conditions. Therefore we both had to resubmit another offer. I rang my mortgage broker asking whether I could offer another $5000. She suggested offer $5500. It was the extra $500 that won the deal.
She’d never told anyone that before, she said, but the thought flashed through her head so she told me. The new home provided me the opportunity to work smarter not harder for income.

Then there’s the 3.00am message that was so ‘real’ that it had me sitting bolt upright in bed. I was told to write my life story. I’d never done any articles or writing so it was very bizarre. Since then I’ve self -published my first book 'Sailing - A Different Course'. Part of this book was channeled because the words kept repeating themselves constantly in my head until I wrote them down. However once written, it wasn’t long afterwards that the process started again with another set of words. Hence a collection of poems about the Hauraki Gulf emerged.

Continuing with writing my life story, I’m also part way through a book on Single Parenting. In 2000 I experienced ‘burnout’ so I had to stop the 5.00am writing sessions. I also stopped running workshops and concentrated on my day tutoring job. During the recovery form burnout period which took two years, I gathered the notes for another book I’d like to write, titled 90 Days of Nurturing.

I’ve discovered the messages that I receive can be interpreted differently. I haven’t written an autobiography, more the stages of my life, which amounts to a similar thing as my initial message of ‘writing my life story’.

Lack of self-esteem was the reason for my unhappy marriage. Not knowing how to love myself, I was drawn into marriage for the wrong reasons. Now it’s easy to look in the mirror and say I love me…but there’s’ still thousands of people who don’t have that ability. Hence when the next message I experienced came through, I
wasn’t quite so astounded. One morning while I was out walking a voice spoke to me. It was so clear I looked behind me to see who was talking to me. Nobody there…. But I was told to organize a national self-esteem program. I’ve the blueprint, which was channeled through to me, but I haven’t started this programme
yet. However, no doubt it will happen in the future, when the time is right.

Then there’s the person that arrived when I needed some tender loving care.

Also the business coach who I need to help me get organised with systems (which I’m not good at) for my new career as a professional speaker. In my past, many people have arrived as my ’teachers’ when I’ve needed to learn a new lesson. I now recognise it as a way of life and living.

It’s an awesome feeling having the knowledge and wisdom that overcoming adversity has taught me. Understanding the process BE who you must be, DO what you must do, and you will HAVE what you want, is the key to my new career.

Understanding we’re on earth for a reason, and that’s to learn about ourselves, love and help and protect each other and our environment, offers me peace of mind, even when the going gets tough. But as the quote goes, that’s when the ‘tough get going.’

Being bitter and twisted about the ‘hard times’ I’ve experienced in life has thrown at me is a waste of energy. I’ve made the choices, learnt from them and am this person today because of them. My greatest wish is to be fulfilled in all areas of my life, mother, daughter ,sister, friend, partner, businesswoman and me.

Every person has that capability. Reaching it is the challenge. Chasing money doesn’t provide the answer. Being cynical, bitter or holding onto anger about past relationships doesn’t bring happiness.

Society is changing immensely. Families are splitting, children are without two parents, and we’re in an age of greed. terrorism is rife; technol ogy is expanding our thinking. However, we have a choice of living negatively and giving energy to the negativity we experience or choosing to learn from it and being positive. We need to re-establish our values and remember life is about learning and love.

My job as a motivational and inspirational speaker and Life Success Coach is to share with people my challenges in overcoming adversity, teaching them the lessons I’ve learnt. In both personal and business life people need excellent commjnication, leadership, teams, and relationship skills. It’s my turn in life to be the teacher for ‘students of life’ those people that want to learn find contentment, peace of mind and self-love and love for others and the universe.

Knowing yourself goals and dreams, communicating effectively, leadership, handling conflict, having a positive attitude and much more, and choosing to be happy are some of the steps to a life of success.

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