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Money doesn’t bring love and happiness

Money doesn’t bring happiness, but it certainly helps to purchase the necessities of life, which according to Maslow’s theory of hierarchy of a humans needs, are water, food and shelter. Over the last few years, this list of humans needs has been updated… but still many people want more money.

However, although many of those people with an excess of money can purchase any ‘item’ or the latest ‘gadget’ to add to their increasing pile of possessions, money cannot buy love and hugs. Money cannot buy peace of mind or trust, or faith, or any of the other human traits that are vital to companionship.

My 80 year old mother was born in 1930 and like most of our older generation can remember the world wars and suffered the ongoing affects of the global depression.
During these years of her early life, she says ‘we never had anything fancy’ but we always had food on the tables, we shared ‘recycled’ many items and still found time to enjoy life.

Additionally, my childhood was spent being involved in many community activities, sailing, camping and family outings. We never went to restaurants, instead picnics on the beach. We never went on overseas holidays, instead to camping. We never had clothes purchased from a shop, (except underwear and school uniforms) instead most of them sewed by my mum.

In today’s society we have a ‘throw away’ society which has the philosophy ‘when it’s broken’ throw it away. However, thankfully we have returned to recycling of items or giving them away.

These little acts of goodness, (saving the planet and helping others less fortunate) are making you feel good…which is similar to a physical hug and making you feel good.

No-one can put a price on a hug or friendship…it is something that is earned by giving first before you can receive.

Human beings want love, but first they have to love themselves. Unfortunately many don’t so they can’t create positive relationships with others because they don’t know how to love…and they think money might make them happier.

In 2007, Joe Vitali wrote about an ancient Hawaiian method of healing taught to him by Dr Hew Len, called Ho’oponopono. This method of healing included four main phrases: I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, and Thank you. This unusual method of healing gets amazing results…and once learnt is free.

Different personalities put different emphasis on money. Some are savers and some are spenders. Both have their own reasons and neither can find love and happiness if they hoard all their money away and don’t enjoy relationships with others or spend all their money and don’t have that inner security of supporting themselves…therefore becoming responsible for their life.

Sunshine, breathing and nature are available to everyone on our planet. The wonder of an acorn growing into an oak tree is a symbol for our life as well. We are all acorns who can grow into an oak tree.

What we need to learn is how to live an enjoyable life, giving in other ways and  enjoying the little and simple things in life, like what nature gives us and learn that money, although very useful and necessary in life  doesn’t bring us happiness.

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