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Being Proactive Equals your Success

9 Easy Steps to Follow
The World’s your Oyster is a saying that sums life up. Whatever we want is within our grasp. Each person has to go out and get it. Unless you’r one of the very lucky or privileged few…the money you want, the dreams you want, aren’t’ going to be handed to you. You’ve got to be proactive and work towards your success.

Being proactive means a change in thinking, followed by a change in actions. Often you need to eliminate from your mind old beliefs about life, that aren’t supporting you. If you keep thinking, “money is hard to get” you’ll never keep enough or earn enough because subconsciously you’ll find a way of sabotaging yourself. Your new
thoughts could be ‘money is flowing to me easily’.

Fortunately, your success is in your head…and luckily it’s up to you. There’s another saying If it’s going to be – it’s up to me and that is true. Success isn’t an overnight event and for everyone, success equates to an individuals choice. It may be passing an exam, learning to skydive or making $50,000 profit in their business.

It takes between 21 and 28 days to change a habit. You alter one and there’s another habit you need to change. Your success is stepping stones in progress.

9 Steps to Become Proactive

  1. Positive – Negatively is rife in life. It’s in the media, magazines, people. If
    you want to be positive you need to rid yourself of negativity. Turn off the television
    is your first step.

  2. Results – You need to have a goal, dream or desire you’re working towards.
    Maybe it’s money in the bank, increased cash flow in your business. A holiday, new
    car or ten new clients. As the saying says in the Wizard of Oz. Any road will take you
    there, if you don’t know where you’re going.

  3. Overcoming Fear – Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. There’s a great
    book Feal the Fear and do it anyway by Susan Jeffries. Imagine not attempting to
    walk when you were young. You wouldn’twant to live without it now…. but you
    didn’t give up. You tried and succeeded. Take small steps to over come your fear.

  4. Attitude – My Attitude postcard reads: Past, Present, Future, Every second
    you have a choice. Choose Positive and be your own Success Story. It’s true; you can
    only think one thought at a time. Make it a positive one.

  5. Confidence – Walk tall, stand straight, wear your best clothes, use eye contact
    (careful with some cultures) Smile!. Robyn Henderson the International Networking
    guru says Fake it until you make it. You might have butterflies in your stomach, but
    no one can see them.

  6. Talking & Communication – Improve your communication by joining
    Toastmasters and at the same time gain confidence. Attend assertive communication
    courses, learn about confident communication and remember Hello and Thank You.

  7. Interactive – Just do it….is the Nike advertisement. Make the appointments
    and approach new clients, meet new people, join social clubs. Life is for living.

  8. Victorious – With every small success reward you. After ten sales calls, have a
    coffee, after a completing a task well, find a way of patting yourself on your back.
    Acknowledge that you’ve achieved something.

  9. Enthusiasm – Find the ‘it’s great to be alive’ feeling. Discover your passions,
    experience and enjoy them. Smell the roses, enjoy good health, eat well and find the
    vitality in life from within. You’ve got it, but it’s up to you to discover it. Everyone
    has free will, the choice is yours!

If you want success and need help, read books, quotes, or work with a Success Coach.
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